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Why Hire A Videographer?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A good video captures all the best details, tells your story, allows anyone and everyone to relive it over and over again, and looks (and sounds!) amazing doing it. That's pretty much it, whether you're looking to hire a videographer for a commercial, wedding, real estate, political campaign, or event.

To state the obvious: Videos are EVERYWHERE! YouTube (#2 most viewed website in the world), facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. This is no surprise since practically everyone carries a camera (or four) in their pocket everyday. The difference between your pal Tommy's fancy new iPhone vs hiring a professional has to do with being educated and experienced.

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To make a video look good, it's not always about expensive equipment (though that obviously won't hurt) and is more about the skill of the videographer. A good videographer isn't just educated in the book sense, but has spent time learning and using their gear. They're always trying new things, and experimenting so that they understand what to use, when, and how to use it in real situations. They've edited enough videos to understand how what they are filming will look when they get it on the computer. People often forget that videographers aren't just thinking about how to get smooth shots, but they're also thinking about sound and how to capture the best quality sound. Sound is half the experience of a video after all.

The ultimate purpose of a video is to capture and maintain your audience's attention so that they will know exactly what you're offering them and want whatever it is. Whether you're advertising your services, product, or event, You want it to be something that people can't resist sharing.

The key to a successful video is good story telling. We've all seen a video, heck, even movies, with poor story telling. They jump from one thing to an entirely different thing all together in a way that DOESN'T. MAKE. SENSE. You've also likely has the (dis)pleasure of your eyes glossing over while your coworker shows you every photo they took on vacation or sitting through old family photos or home videos. They're notoriously boring, because you're LITERALLY going through hours of raw footage! Nobody wants the real-time play by play (unless maybe it's from your own wedding).

Now that your eyes resemble donuts just from thinking about how boring that is: The last reason you want to hire a videographer is because you don't want to do yourself a disservice. You've spent a ton of time getting all the details right. You've spent hundreds of hours refining the design on your new product, planning out every last detail of your event, honing your business model just so, and getting your image just right. Don't shoot yourself in the foot with a mediocre video when you're so close to getting people to say yes to you!

So yeah, Tommy's iPhone might be cool, and he knows how to hit record, but you don't want to look like an amateur. Hire a professional, who knows how to make you look good. If you're ready to look amazing, contact Ellis Films here. Even if a professional video isn't the right fit for you right now, we're always happy to offer a brief consultation so that when the time is right, you'll feel good about coming back later when you're ready for the professional look.

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